Studium Generale

Enrich your knowledge, under this motto Studium Generale Leeuwarden (SGL) brings lectures to the attention of a wide audience, which contributes to the academic climate in the capital Friesland. Studium Generale sharpens the mind and broadens the horizon.

Various parties in the Frisian capital organize science and society activities. To ensure that different activities do not overlap and to give the inhabitants of Fryslân an overview of all activities that are organized, the website of SGL offers a nice overview.

In addition, events are organized annually by the SGL programme committee.

NHL Stenden
NHL Stenden Hogeschool

By expanding your boundaries, there is no telling what you might accomplish. That is why we challenge our students, staff and partners every day to discover and develop their talents, as part of a journey that transcends the limits of their own professional field and immediate environment. That is the strength of NHL Stenden: in a rapidly changing world, our people make the impossible possible.

rug campus fryslan
RUG/Campus Fryslân

Campus Fryslân is a unique faculty based in Leeuwarden. Unique because multiple disciplines are represented within our faculty. This enables international students, PhD’s and world-class researchers to approach scientific questions from different perspectives. As a faculty, we are dedicated to finding local solutions for real-world global challenges.


In addition to NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences & UG/Campus Fryslân, a number of organisations are affiliated with Studium Generale Leeuwarden as ambassadors, namely: